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THUNDER - A strong snus and a strong brand

Thunder is a high nicotine snus manufactured by V2 Tobacco A/S. V2 is a Danish manufacturer of Swedish snus products.

During 2009, Thunder was introduced at and was the strongest snus available at that time. Today, Thunder still is one of the strongest snus brands in Scandinavia and does meanwhile enjoy worldwide popularity.

If you ever wondered how Thunder could be so strong without any pharmaceutical nicotine or other undesirable additives, the secret lies in its larger amounts of tobacco leaves per gram of snus. This method is more expensive, but as V2 says: "This costs us more but results in a hearty, great tasting snus loaded with natural nicotine."

Thunder's great popularity however isn't just due to the high nicotine content, but its large variety of flavors, sizes and shapes, too.   

Thunder is the snus brand for all those who expect more from their snus - a long lasting taste and extra strength!