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Fast deliveries of snus

Fast deliveries now several times a week!
We at would like to improve our service to you as a customer. We have speeded up our ordering process and are now ordering snus 3 times a week from the different snus manufacturers. This so you will receive guaranteed fresh snus of highest quality that have not spent a single day in any storage. We will send the snus to you as soon as the snus have reached us and we have repacked it.

Each 6th roll at half the price
Keep in mind that when you are ordering from us at you will receive 1 point for each roll of snus that you buy and when you have collected five points you will get the following roll at HALF THE PRICE. It is profitable for you to recommend your friends and relatives about our site you will benefit from ALL purchases that people you have recommended have done (only valid when purchasing rolls). You will get 1 point for each roll they order and you will collect points not only at the first purchase they do but also on all future purchases. Read more about this 6:th roll concept on

Please, do not forget to make the make use of the shipping cost when you order and place single cans up to next postage rate.
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