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Elixyr snus

Rebel Tobacco is an independent operator on the Swedish tobacco market. One of their brands with name Elixyr has already been some years on the European market with a huge sales success.

Now Rebel Tobacco launches Elixyr portion snus in three variants, Elixyr originals, Pepparmint and Power Energy. The later one is an entire unique product on the Swedish market and a mixture between an energy drink and portion snus. The snus is packed in a plastic can with double caps. Each can contains 24 portions, about 22,6 grams in total.

Elixyr Power Energy contains both caffeine and taurine which is a common ingredient in energy drinks. Energy is a ”strong” portion snus with higher nicotine contents and the product gives an refreshing effect and is a substitute/complements to energy drinks and coffee. A long with the snus Power Energy launches Rebel Tobacco two other portion snus with more traditional snus tastes, Originals and Peppermint. Elixyr snus

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