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Montecristo Loose & Romeo y Julieta mini

Tobaca AS and Habanos are introducing a loose snus and a new mini portion snus, Montecristo Loose and Romeo y Julieta mini dry portion.
Montecristo Loose
Perfectly balanced with a distinctive taste and aroma. The new Montecristo loose aspires to the world famous cigar brand that bares its name. Taboca AS has taken the passion of Cuba an added their unique Swedish blend of Snus-making to create a truly rich, aromatic premium brand. Filtered using pure Norwegian spring water, its fresh aroma has been captured in striking new packaging to provide discerning Swedish Snus consumers with real sense of adventure.
Montecristo loose
Romeo y Julieta Senorita Mini
Romeo y Julieta is now available in mini portion. Containing the same fine hand-selected tobacco as its male counterpart, the Romeo y Julieta female brand comes in a classic smaller tin, packaging that illustrates the fire and emotion of William Shakespeare’s lovers. Discerning female snus consumers can take pleasure in the rich aromatic blend that has made the Romeo y Julieta name synonymous with desire, love, passion and devotion.
Romeo y Julieta Senorita Mini
Neither Montecristo Loose nor Romeo y Julieta mini dry portion is available for the American market, this due to the embargo against Cuba.
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