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Onico, snus without tobacco and nicotine

Onico, snus without tobacco and nicotine
Onico looks like snus, smells and tastes like snus and gives the same feeling under the lip. But it’s not a snus. The portions contain no tobacco or nicotine.

Onico is for snuffers that want to cut down on their nicotine consumption, says Mikael Arnebert Director Information & Public Affairs North Europe Division. With Onico the snus users can replace one or several of their ordinary portions with a tobacco and nicotine free alternative.
Onico, a tobacco and nicotine free alternative to snus. Onico consists of vegetable fiber portions, flavored with aromas that imitates tobacco and peppermint taste.

Three variants has been introduced, Onico White Large, Onico Pepparmint White Large and then Onico White Mini.

The product name Onico stands for "Zero Nicotine".

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