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Chainsaw chew – pure power!

Have you ever used a big and sturdy chainsaw? Feeling the vibrations from the revving engine, the deafening sound of the spinning metal chain sinking its teeht into the wood, the satisfying feeling when the resistance stops and the wood that just for a moment ago was whole now is split in two. Now imagine that power trapped inside a can of chew just waiting to released. Let’s introduce a chew worthy its name, Chainsaw. This is one of the strongest chew in the world and is certainly not for the faint hearted. The white and dry chewing bags are packed with nicotine (45 mg/g) and delivers a longlasting and fresh mint flavor. This energetic combination captures the adrenaline rush of handling a really powerful and strong chainsaw.

Made by experts

Chainsaw chew is produced by V2 Tobacco (the maker of Thunder), a manufacturer that has mastered the of extremely strong smokeless tobacco, snus and chew alike. The tobacco leafs used in the chew are carefully selected and cut down to small pieces. These cut tobacco leafs are then later packed compactly into prepacked portions. This high concentration of tobacco gives the chew extra strenght without loosing the sensation of fullnes and flavor. The white dry portions are designed for a quick nicotine and flavor release, but also to minimize the dripp, something that prolongs the refreshing mint flavor. So buckle up and get ready for a energizing kick.

So if you’re craving something extra strong and refreshing, try Chainsaw. This expressive chew is packed with power waiting to be released and you can order it online here at where the prices are low and the shipping fast!

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