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To describe and truly define the spirit of the north isn’t an easy task. There are many parts and elements that must be considered and included in the equation in order to get the whole picture. You got the beautiful and breathtaking nature with its vast forests, green meadows and snow-covered mountain tops. The stark contrast between the cold and long winter and the long-awaited summer when the sun never truly sets. But you also got the combination of tradition and innovation, like the cityscapes where red cottages with white corners are mixed amongst class-covered high-rises. Nordic Snus (the manufacturer behind LD Snus) decided to tackle this complex and tricky question, and we at BuySnus think they did it in a brilliant way with their tobacco free and all white brand Nordic Spirit. A modern take on traditional snus, nicotine pouches that delivers fresh flavors combined with satisfying nicotine kicks that you’ll enjoy in an incredible discreet way thanks to some innovative and clever solutions.

Quality and sustainability matters

Nordic Spirit is manufactured a couple miles north of Gothenburg in the small and charming town of Vårgårda. The experts over at Nordic Snus have developed a top-modern, high quality and sustainable production process that guarantees that these nicotine pouches are fit for the future. The majority of the electricity used in the factory comes from a hydropower plant located by the nearby Säveån-river while the material and aromas used come from natural sources. Apart from its fresh flavors and energetic nicotine kicks, the edge Nordic Spirit got over many of its competitors is its focus on comfort and discretion. These tobacco free, all white and slim nicotine pouches got a chewing gum-like base, something that makes them fit softly and comfortably under your lip. Their lack of tobacco ensures that they won’t leave stains on your teeth while their dry surfaces minimizes the drip, which in turn makes sure that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a satisfyingly long time.

There is a Nordic Spirit for every taste and preference

Nordic Spirit got a big selection of nicotine pouches that comes in different strengths and several refreshing flavors, all inspired in one way or another by the Nordic nature. You got the minty and cool Nordic Spirit Smooth Mint Slim All White, the summery and fresh Nordic Spirit Elderflower Slim All White, the fruity and flavorsome Nordic Spirit Berry Citrus Slim All White and the two minty and sweet Nordic Spirit Intense & Nordic Spirit Spearmint Intense Extra Strong. A can of Nordic Spirit is a perfect companion and treat to have with you when you want to enjoy something refreshing and stimulating in an incredible discreet way.

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