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Oden's Chew

Mighty Chew - mighty Norse God


The Chew and the god share the same name, and both are just as action-packed and powerful!

Oden's is a well known snus, that's now available as chew!

Known for being a jack of all trades when it comes to flavor and strength while also being available for a reasonable price. At the time all Oden's snus are not available as chew but when they do, they can range from all kinds of flavors, sizes and strengths. But you are in luck because the two most popular snus are available as chew! Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry and Oden's Extreme Double Mint White Dry are two tasty icy cool chew with minty flavors and an ultra strong nicotine content! Now being available for (almost) the rest of the world, so get your can(s) today and enjoy oden's anytime, anywhere!

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