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YOYO - Tobacco free, all white and packed with flavor

YOYO by the manufacturer Nordic Noir is a tobacco free brand with flavors that gather their influences from some of the world’s most iconic cities. These sources of inspiration gives YOYO and its all white nicotine pouches an urban vibe. The feel you’ll experience while visiting these cities, their atmosphere and their distinct identities are something that you’ll find in the flavors that these all white and slim portions deliver.

Flavors that takes you on a journey around the world

YOYO’s selection of flavors offers a nice variation that has a little something for every taste and preference.  The focus during the development of YOYO was to produce something that deliver a fresh, exciting and most importantly, a delicious experience. If fruity flavors that brings thoughts about summer are your cup of tea, then YOYO London Lime Strawberry got your back! These nicotine pouches deliver a strong and nice nicotine kick (12 mg/g) together with a flavor that combines strawberries with a touch of lime and mint. A tasty fusion of flavors that puts a fresh twist on the berries associated with the classic Wimbledon tennis tournament. If you prefer flavors that goes all in on the mint, then we strongly recommend you to try YOYO New York Mint. Its portions deliver a refreshing and cool explosion of mint together with an energetic and stimulating nicotine kick (15 mg/portion). A flavor- and nicotine profile that reflects New York’s high tempo, energy and innovative spirit. YOYO Havana Mojito on the other hand is inspired by the Caribbean island of Cuba and the incredibly refreshing Mojito cocktail. It delivers a medium strong nicotine kick (9 mg/g) together with a fresh flavor of mint combined with a satisfying dash of lime.

A high-quality filling with many great abilities

YOYO uses a high-quality filling that consists of natural plant fibers. This all white filling comes with some nice advantages over more traditional tobacco blends. It ensures that these nicotine pouches won’t leave stains on your teeth and that they provide a low drip experience. Combine these qualities with their comfortable slim-size and what you get is incredibly discreet portions that deliver a long lasting and instantaneous release of both flavor and nicotine.

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