Since we only got a limited stock of Kardus, only the winners of this raffle will be able to buy Kardus (price 129.9 USD)!

Swedish Match has released its famous Kardus snus. A limited edition-loose snus that only has been produced in 1050 copies, and 10 of them have found their way to our warehouse. It’s a much sought-after snus and since we only got a limited quantity of it, we’ll pick 10 winners that will get the chance to buy it. In order to participate in this raffle all you have do to is to fill in the contact info down below. We’ll then contact the winners by E-mail. Kardus is an exclusive loose snus released once a year known for its high quality and flavors inspired by the Swedish nature and flora. This year’s release is Göteborgs Rapé Kardus Winter 2019, a homage to Göteborgs Rapé who recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. This snus is the result of a collaboration between the Gothenburg based chef Stefan Karlsson and Swedish Match’s master blender Lars Öberg. It has a medium dark tobacco character complemented with nuances of evergreen trees, lavender, herbs and dried fruits. The snus comes inside glass containers handblown by experts from Orrefors. A serial number and signature have been engraved into the glass, which makes each one of them unique. Göteborgs Rapé Kardus Winter 2019 is the result of when two proud Swedish traditions meet; glass blowing and snus craftmanship. Price:129.9 USD