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Prova-på-paket från Gotlandssnus innehållande deras tre varianter av Gotlandssnuset samt de två smakerna av Jakobssons.


>Gotlandssnus Gråsnus (Grey) Portion
Gråsnus was the first type of snus to be introduced which makes it the Gotlandssnus original. Gråsnus has an underlying flavour of smooth anise making it an appealing product with a good scent.

>Gotlandssnus Grönsnus (Green) Portion
Grönsnus is a very tasty snus with a hint of Gotland’s lush green plants. The taste of elder is the characteristic of this snus.

>Gotlandssnus Gulsnus (Yellow) Portion
A popular snus with classic taste. Full-bodied with tobacco taste, a feeling of Gotland.

Jakobssons Classic Snus
Jakobsson’s is a premiums snus produced from especially chosen raw materials – a mixture of the finest tobacco types collected from all corners of the world. This includes Alida, the tobacco grown on Gotland. Jakobssons Classic snus has a classic, memorable taste of snus, with an undertone of citrus.

>Jakobssons Ice-Fruit Snus
Jakobssons Ice-Fruit snus has a soft, fruity taste with a fresh, icy undertone.

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