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Facebook Photo Contest

Here are the winners of the Facebook Photo Contest 

1st prize, 100 cans – Gunnar Braito (435 votes)
2nd prize, 50 cans – Felix Sabernik (290 votes)
3rd prize, 30 cans – Sophie Eisner (244 votes)
4th prize, 20 cans – Milan Zavacky (243 votes)
5th prize, 10 cans – Michael Velten (71 votes)

The winners of the lottery are:

1st prize, 30 cans – Vasija Vasudeva
2nd prize, 20 cans – Dušan Erdziak
3rd prize, 10 cans – Robert Balant

All winners, even the ones not presented here, will be contacted by BuySnus on Facebook.

Go to Facebook to see the winning photos! 

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