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General Green Harvest

General Green Harvest 

General Green Harvest is the world's only snus that is grown by certified tobacco farmers without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. The flavor and character is just like General White Portion. This is expected to be in stock week 34.

General Green Harvest, full-bodied, spicy tobacco taste with pronounced notes of bergamot and hints of hay, green grass and stable.

General Green Harvest is a unique product that is in compliance with today's trends and values.

Declaration of Contents: Water, Tobacco, Moisture preservatives (E 1520), Flavor enhancers (salt), Acidity regulator (E 500), Aromas including liquid smoke, Water 53,5 %, Nicotine 8mg/g, PH level: 8,7, Portion weight: 1,0 g.

General Green Harvest...

General Green Harvest 


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