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Skruf Slim Xtra Stark

Skruf Slim Xtra Stark! 

Many have been waiting for this very popular snus to be available in the comfortable slim portion format!  They fit perfectly under your lip, run less and still grant the full snus experience. Get your hands on this very popular snus now!

The first Slim snus Skruf released was Skruf Slim Fresh and it was a success, so we all were very excited over the new Skruf Slim Xtra Strong. Now that it has arrived, we can certainly say: This snus is amazing, pouches that fit perfectly under your lip, run less and still are really strong!

Skruf Slim Xtra Strong has a classic robust tobacco taste with a high nicotine level.

Skruf Slim Xtra Stark...

Skruf Slim Xtra Strong 


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