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Which snus brand from Swedish Match would you recommend....

The winner of "Which snus brand from Swedish Match is your favorite?" 

The winner of last week’s competition – "Which snus brand from Swedish Match would you recommend to someone who wants to quit smoking?" – is: Erik Beckelin! He won an exclusive snus fridge from Swedish Match! This is what Erik wrote:

"As I have personally managed to quit smoking using Swedish Snus, my recommendations for people looking to quit smoking with snus is:

The problem with using products such as Onico and Loonic is they won't satisfy your nicotine cravings in the beginning, I would therefore recommend to start of using a high nicotine content snus such as:

1: Grovsnus Black, Strong Portion (Significant tobacco flavour)
2: General Extra Sterk, Strong Portion (Slight citrus, general well-rounded tobacco)
3: Skruf Slim, Xtra Stark Portion (Tobacco Flavour, still strong, but very discrete)
4: Odens Extra Stark Licorice, Strong Portion (Powerful licorice flavour)

Once you're use to the snus, you could start using Normal Nictotine leveled snus:

1: General, Portion (Strong tobacco flavour, slight citrus in the background)
2: Skruf Slim Original, Portion (Normal nicotine, yet very discrete)
3: Granit, Portion (Strong tobacco flavour, slight fruityness in the background)
4: Skruf Cranberry, Portion (Very fruity with strong cranberry character)
5: Offroad Licorice, Portion (Powerfull licorice, yet slight tobacco flavour)

When your cravings finally have settled and you relying soley on snus, you can start trying to use the nicotine reduction therapies and then finally if u crave the sensation you could start using Onico, "all the sensation, no nicotine".

Also i would like to recommend if you're new to snus you could try using mint flavoured snus, if u want the burning feeling under the lip- to proove that something is happening :)"

Congratulations from the team !!!

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