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Blågul Original Portion

BRAND NEW: Blågul Original Portion! 

Let us introduce you to a brand new premium snus - BLÅGUL Original Portion! Tobacco Company Sweden AB are the people behind this really very well rounded piece of Swedish snus tradition.

Are you looking for "real" Swedish snus? Then this one is for you... Blågul is as Swedish as can be! Blågul (blue and yellow in Swedish) are the colors of Sweden and the can even sports the Swedish crown.

But there is more to it - Blågul Original Portion has a truly well-rounded traditional snus flavor and a high quality. This and its medium nicotine content of 8 mg/g cater to a broad range of snus friends worldwide. This is a swedish premiumsnus for the modern snuser! 

Blågul Original Portion ...

BRAND NEW: Blågul Original Portion 


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