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Kardus Cincho

Kardus Cincho! 

This year's luxury snus from Swedish Match is finally here - Kardus Cincho, with clear notes of figs, dried fruit, licorice and rosehips. As always, the supply is very limited, so it's first come - first served!

The tobacco in this year's Kardus originates from a small village in western Spain named Cincho, it is selected with extreme care, resulting in a real piece of luxury.

Grown in the sandy but mineral soil of the plains below the Sierra de Gredos massif and dried in large open barns, this tobacco carries the spirit of the region.

Harvest is continuous and only the leaves of the plants are used for this luxurious snus, which is not ground but hand-cut. This Kardus has a blackish tone and a slightyl oily texture to it.

Kardus 2012 - Cincho is flavored with the famous sherry Cuco Oloroso wich comes from the sunny Jerez in Andalucía. This sherry has a nutty character with notes of figs, sultanas, licorice and syrup.

Kardus Cincho ...

Kardus Cincho! 


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