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nord66° by Skruf!

BRAND NEW: nord66° - by Skruf!

With the release of nord66°, an exciting new premium snus brand, the year 2013 sees another milestone in the history of Skruf!

To quote from the nord66° leaflet - as there's no way we could say this better:

"(...) An unrivalled snus experience originating at the 66th parallel – the latitude established as the gateway to the Arctic. Everything above the Arctic Circle is extreme in character and we were inspired by its sense of boundless limits (...)"

"(...) The unique blend of nord66° by skruf is a combination of mature, aromatic Tobacco and exciting ingredients. It is enhanced with tones of fl ower and herbs and expertly balanced with just the right amount of moisture and salt. This gives it a smooth, full bodied and robust taste as well as an instant fl avor sensation that delights our snus loving adventure seekers (...)"

The new brand starts out with three initial flavors, with more to be released in the near future:

nord66° Nordic Breeze Strong Portion - strong, cool and exciting; with hints of mint and licorice!

nord66° Strong White Portion - a strong white portion as it should be: premium quality and pure snus flavor!

nord66° X-Strong Portion - extra strong and straight-forward Swedish premium snus.

Here at BuySnus, nord66° Nordic Breeze was the instant favorite - but: Be among the first to try all the fantastic new variations and decide for yourself!

nord66° - by Skruf...

nord66° by skruf!


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