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Buysnus testing General Waterproof Edition

BuySnus testing: General Waterproof Edition!

Even if things usually work as they should, it's always best to try oneself... plus, testing new stuff is actually fun! Sooo... we couldn't wait to test the brand new General Waterproof Edition - read on and look at the Pictures of our Little "performance test"! ;) 

Product: General Waterproof Edition is a waterproof snus can made of aluminium, so it should keep your snus "dry", with other words - safe from water if you, say, fell into the sea or just forgot about the can when going for a swim. The can has a screw-on lid, which is easy to handle (even with wet hands) and sealed by a rubber ring.

Test: To start, we placed a can of portion (without its lock, of course...) into the General Waterproof Edition can closed the lid, screwing it on tightly. Now it was time for the can to set sails... in our sink! The can actually floated, so we had to hold it under water for a while.. then under the running faucet. After about 5 minutes, we decided that it was time to see the result...

Result: With both hands and the can being wet, it was just slightly harder to open the lid, but it still worked without any real effort. There was no single drop of water inside the General Waterproof Edition can, the snus looked like it had never taken a bath at all. What we thought was best about the whole test was that the can actually floated, so it won't get lost that easily if one should drop it on the beach.

We'll give General Waterproof Edition +++++ (out of five possible)! This can really is strongly recommended to anyone planning to take their snus outside - it's not only cool-looking but works absolutely perfectt! Check out the pictures below and don't forget - General Waterproof Edition is a limited edition!!!          

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General Waterproof Edition 


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