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Special: Flavors 2013!

Special: FLAVORS 2013! 

2013 has really been a snus year, we got to know a whole bunch of new snus variations with exciting flavors! Right now we have a special on 9 delicious snus variations from 2013:

Buy 2 rolls & get 10 free extra cans!

Buy 1 roll & get 4 free extra cans!

Choose from following snus: The Lab Fresh Cool Mint Slim White Strong, The Lab Fresh Mint Slim White, The Lab Fresh Lemon Slim White, NJ Captain Yankee Xtra Strong Americana, Catch Collection UNION SQUARE Sour Mint, Catch White Spearmint Long, General Classic Licorice, NJ Green Spyke Xtra Strong Cactus and General Long White Mint.

This special is valid on one or more whole rolls of the same variant. From September 16th at 23:59:59 until September 21st at 23:59:59 GMT+2.

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Flavors 2013! 


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