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New Design of Ettan snus

Ettan has something as no other snus has: a history. It began already 1822 with J.F. Ljunglöf, the Ettans's creators. No other snus has such a long, excited and interesting history.

The recipe will never be changed, only the can now and then. Ettan is one of Sweden's most popular snus with a market share on 14,7%. It corresponds to a turnover on more than 500 millions SEK each year. Such figures gives respect, so of course the recipe will not be changed. On the other hand the Ettan cans have got a new design. It is no big change, more like a face-lift that will keep Ettan up to date and sell equally good as always.

Each time you put a can of Ettan snus in your pocket, it is a piece of history you put down.

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