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Mocca Mandarin Snus

Mocca Mandarin
A new taste of mocca snus has been launched, Mocca Mandarin. Mocca Mandarin has a distinct taste of mandarin orange which makes the snus unique on the Swedish market. Mocca is manufactured with selected tobacco and only of the highest quality. White portion bags give an easy and discreet use and fits in all situations.

Mocca is available in Mocca Anis, Mocca Mint and now also Mocca Mandarin. When introducing Mocca Mandarin the production of Mocca Wintergreen has came to an end.
Mocca was introduced by House of Prince in Sweden in April 2004. The first two tastes were Anis and Mint, later came Wintergreen. The concept behind Mocca is to update the product family continuously with new tastes. Try the new exiting taste of Mocca Mandarin, available today!

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