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General Sterk – a powerful new snus in the General family

The largest snus brand has now got a new variant, the General Sterk (in English General Strong snus). This is a stronger snus with more nicotine and comes in white-portion format. The white-portion snus results in a slightly dryer pouch product with a longer-lasting flavor.

The General strong snus has a distinctive taste; a powerful tobacco flavor with hints of pepper and citrus zest. General Sterk contains more nicotine than the most common snus types and the major target group for this strong snus is cigarette smokers and those who just likes a stronger snus. General Sterk contains about 11 mg of nicotine per pouch. Consumer surveys that have been conducted shows that many smokers want a stronger snus to satisfy they nicotine need.

General Sterk

Even though the portion pouches have a fresher and whiter appearance, the moisture content is the same as the original pouches. The white pouches of General Sterk’s are arranged in a unique pattern in the can, known as a star formation, this the same way as the premium snus General Onyx. Snus users recognize white-portion snus as the most modern choice and its becoming more and more popular. General Sterk contains 24 pouches each weighing one gram.

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