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Kardus snus 2008 - Kardus is the most exclusive snus in the world

Kardus – new vintage snus for aficionados

Kardus Superior Blend is a vintage snus for the connoisseur. The edition 2008 contains ingredients of cut, air-dried tobacco from Hungary and sun-dried Kurnool tobacco from India, with the taste enhanced by a highland single malt whisky.

The manufacturer has sought to recreate a tobacco mixture that has a flavor tone that reminds to a very high quality single malt whisky. This flavor has the tobacco masters decided to make stronger in Kardus.

Kardus is the most exclusive snus in the world, completely unchallenged. Kardus offers a taste sensation of the spicy Tropics combined with barren, windswept Scottish moors. Flavors that merge, grow and take you on a journey of taste exploration that you do not forget.

Kardus is supplied in a hand-made, polished oak box. Cabinet-maker Ulf Mellström, who trained at the Carl Malmsten Center for Wood Technology and Design has designed this beautiful packaging.

Kardus 2008 combines first-class craftsmanship in terms of flavor, material and design. The tobacco has been stored for four years to allow the subtle armor to develop. Unlike traditional loose snus, which is ground, the tobacco is cut. Cutting helps enhance the aromas and the snus retains its shape better under the lip.

The Kardus manufacturing process takes place in eight stages, cultivation, curing, gradation, refinement, selection, cutting, preparation and storing. Each stage is performed by hand, using knowledge and skill that is often passed down through the generations. No machinery in the world can replace the skilled hand or sensitive nose.

Kardus is a snus for special occasions. A snus that should be enjoyed in peace and quiet, perhaps after a splendid meal.

Kardus snus
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