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Granit Blue White Portion

Granit Blue White Portion

Granit Blue White Portion - a new snus in the popular and very affordable Granit series by Fiedler & Lundgren! With a taste of lavender, fresh citrus, natural bergamot and a touch of juniper. In white portions to keep the moisture inside the pouch, which results in a long lasting snus experience with low drip.

With the much appreciated Flexlid - expanding compartment for used portions!

Type: White Portion
Nicotine: 10 mg/g
Nikotin: 8 mg/portion
Portion weight: 0,8 g
Snus weight: 17,6 g/can


Price per Can: 3.91 USD Cans:
Price per Roll: 34.36 USD = 1 Point
Rolls(10 Cans):

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