on! Coffee 4 All White

on! Coffee 4 All White

The tobacco free on! Coffee 4 Nicotine Pouches is a gift from above to all of those who loves coffee and nice nicotine kicks (4 mg/portion). These all white mini-nicotine pouches are optimized to deliver a discreet and comfortable experience, all thanks to their innovative design.

The filling used consists of a high quality and natural cellulose powder that provides you with the same full-bodied feeling as a traditional tobacco filling and a little more. The lack of tobacco ensures that they won’t stain your teeth since they stay completely white at all times. The choice of filling also gives the pouches a dry character that minimizes the drip, which in turn makes sure that the release of both nicotine and the tasty flavor of mildly roasted coffee beans last for a satisfyingly long time.

You can order the coffee flavored and discreet on! Coffee 4 Nicotine Pouches in our online shop right here at BuySnus.com


Type: Nicotine Pouches
Nicotine: 4 mg/portion
Weight: 5.3 g/can


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