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50% Rabatt

50% discount
Link to us and collect points, if you have five points you can purchase one roll with 50% discount, if you have 10 points you can purchase 2 rolls with 50% discount. It is very easy for you, when the readers clicks on your banner they will get 10% discount on their first purchase when ordering complete rolls. You will get 1 point for each roll they are ordering in all future. So if the user makes a purchase a year after you will receive points.

1 Roll = 1 Point
Every 5 points = 1 roll at half price = 50% discount!

How do I succeed?
- Search for link pages and add your link on them.
- Post messages recommending BuySnus.com with your link.
- Add your link on your forum profile and start to post messages.
- Add banner on your own homepage or request other pages to add your banner.
- Email friends with your link.
There are many more ways to spread your link, just start and you will figure them out.

It has never been easier to purchase cheap snus!

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