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Bacco Snus

Bacco is a new snus from the manufacurer V2 tobacco. Bacco is a quality low priced snus that comes in three different flavors all in both portion and loose. Try the unique Bacco Cranberry Loose, the first cranberry loose weight snus!

V2 tobacco’s production philosophy and driving values are focused on their love for snuff, their passion for excellence and the quality advantages of small batch smokeless tobacco making.

Their belief is that smokeless tobacco moist snuff is a highly enjoyable, sophisticated, full of taste and aroma smokeless tobacco product characterized by taste variety and natural freshness that can be enjoyed on various occasions and moments of social life.

The use of smokeless tobacco has roots throughout several hundred years of traditions, traditions that V2 Tobacco wishes to preserve. Production according to the Swedish methods and V2 Tobacco’s high level of quality secures that production of smokeless tobacco always focuses on having a minimum of deleterious substances in our smokeless tobacco moist snuff products. All ingredients are approved for foodstuffs.

Smokeless tobacco from V2 Tobacco is produced with the same enthusiasm as good wine or whiskey – and it is our definite objective to make everybody who enjoy our products taste and feel the same enthusiasm which has been present during the production process.

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