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- Loose-weight snus
- Long Cut Snus
- Portion-packed snus - Large
- Portion-packed snus - Mini
- Portion-packed snus - Maxi
- Expiration Dates

Swedish snus is a ground tobacco product dating from the late 1700s and is used orally. It is moist for easy use and contains four main ingredients. Selected tobaccos, water, salt, food approved humectants to preserve moisture and flavour additives which give each brand its unique character.

It is the manufacturing process and the high requirements of the selection of tobacco which makes the Swedish snus unique. Swedish snus is manufacture through a heat-treated process that ensures that micro organisms are neutralized, and that the snus stays fresh longer.

In Sweden, snus is regulated under the Swedish food legislation as a food product and therefore are the sanitation requirements the same as those used in food production. All additives that are used are approved as food additives.

The most usual way to consume snus is to place it beneath the upper lip, and keep it there for a time varying from a few minutes to several hours, according to taste. Swedish smokeless tobacco comprises loose-weight snus and portion-packed snus. Portion-packed snus is available in a range of flavours and portion sizes (Mini, Large and Maxi).

Loose-weight snus

Loose-weight snus is a loose moist powder which can be portioned and rolled into a cylindrical shape with the fingertips. The final result is often referred to as a pris/pinch (of snuff) or prilla (slang for pris). To form your own loose-pouches require practice and patience. All loose-weight snuffers have their own high demands on shape, hardness and size. The taste and the scent are more powerful and clear than the portion-packed snus. Those who found their own loose-pouches are usually faithful to it under a long period of time.

Long Cut Snus

Long Cut Snus

Portion-packed snus

Portion-packed snus is a simply and practically alternative to loose-weight. The portion snus is prepackaged powder in small bags made from the same material as teabags. The classical portion-packed snus (original) has dark and moistened portion pouches, which produce a more rapid secretion of saliva. The taste and scent are clear. White is a new portion-packed snus that run less and taste longer

Portion-packed snus - Large

Pouches in standard size. Orginal


Portion-packed snus - Mini

Pouches in mini size are discreet - at half the size of ordinary portion pouches they remain invisible under your lip. Mini Original
Mini White

Portion-packed snus - Maxi

Pouches in double standard size.

Expiration Dates

The expiration dates of the Swedish snus are written in the Swedish date format. This sometimes leads to misunderstandings. We at promise you that you will always get fresh snus directly from the manufacturer and if we get bad dates from the manufacturer we will not send them to you.

Here are a few examples of how the expiration dates can be written:

19 09 2010 = 19:th of September 2010
20100927 = 27:th of September 2010
041210 = 4:th of December 2010
070110 = 7:th of January 2010