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Snus Göteborgs Rapé No2

Göteborgs Rapé No2
The new Göteborgs Rapé No2 gets most of the snus flavor from its successor, the Göteborgs Rapé original. But it also has a touch of red berries and then mainly lingonberries. Lingonberries grow wild in the Swedish forests and are known by many other names world wide, some of them are Cowberry, Mountain Cranberry, foxberry or Swedish Wild Cranberries.
Lingonberries are slightly smaller than cranberries but otherwise look the same. Flavor, however, is distinct, a bit sour but although with a very refreshing taste.

If you like the original, Göteborgs Rapé, then do not hesitate. Try the new Göteborgs Rapé No2 with a new exiting taste.

Göteborgs Rapé No2...

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