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This is the EU-shop of BuySnus where you can buy chew, a smoke free tobacco product similar to snus - you use it the same way and the effect is also the same! We ship to most countries within the EU and we ship fast - 95% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours. You are very welcome to contact our friendly customer service (link above) if you have any questions - we are glad to have you here!

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Flavor explosions!

Flavor Explosions

Welcome, Jakobsson's Chew!

We proudly present two new products from popular Gotlandssnus: Jakobsson's Ultra Strong Original and Jakobsson's Ultra Strong Wild Mint. Get ready for an ultra strong flavor explosion!

Explore the new Jakobsson's Chew!



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Thunder 10 - for tobacco purists

Thunder 10

Thunder 10, a new chew based upon the recipe of the special edition snus launched on the 10th anniversary of Thunder.

This strong chew is a true highlight with its exceptional taste, thanks to the single barrel tobacco that aged in oak casks.

Explore Thunder 10!


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In stock
LYFT Strong Ice Cool Mint Nicotine Pouches
Can: 6.37 EUR Cans:
Roll: 54.28 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
LYFT Mint Slim Nicotine Pouches
Can: 6.38 EUR Cans:
Roll: 54.23 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
LYFT Lime Slim Nicotine Pouches
Can: 6.38 EUR Cans:
Roll: 54.23 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
LYFT Strong Lime Slim Nicotine Pouches
Can: 6.38 EUR Cans:
Roll: 54.23 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
LYFT Blueberry Slim Nicotine Pouches
Can: 6.38 EUR Cans:
Roll: 54.23 EUR = 1p Rolls

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Top 5

In stock
Thunder Frosted Slim White Dry Chewing Bags
Can: 4.70 3.76 EUR Cans:
Roll: 42.34 33.87 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
Thunder Ult Frosted White Dry Chewing Bags
Can: 4.70 EUR Cans:
Roll: 42.34 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
Göteborgs Rapé White Dry Slim Chewing Bags
Can: 5.91 4.72 EUR Cans:
Roll: 50.21 40.17 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
Thunder Mini Frosted White Chewing Bags
Can: 3.97 EUR Cans:
Roll: 35.71 EUR = 1p Rolls
In stock
Thunder Frosted Chewing Bags
Can: 4.13 EUR Cans:
Roll: 37.20 EUR = 1p Rolls

Chew brands

Göteborgs Rapé

Göteborgs Rapé has to a large extent been the same product since 1919. It has a mellow tobacco taste with notes of lavender, juniper, oak and citrus - all in a shimmering blue can!

All about Göteborgs Rapé
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Thunder Chew

Thunder - an extra strong chew in many varieties and lots of flavorings, among those the popular mint flavor Frosted!

All about Thunder Chew
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Ink is a modern chew series made from high quality long cut tobaccos and comes in several different flavorings and strengths!

All about INK
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U Sample

Extra strong smokeless tobacco with a clean classic design, high quality tobaccos and different flavorings. White portion bags for a long lasting release of flavor and strength.

All about U Sample
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Offroad is a chew, known for its flavoring. It is a value priced brand produced by V2 Tobacco.

All about Offroad
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Looking for something minty, energetic and extremely strong? Chainsaw Chew by V2 Tobacco is filled to the brim with nicotine (45 mg/g), which makes it one of the strongest chews in the world.

All about Chainsaw
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RITE is a modern, expressive and ultra strong chew made for those who prefers intense nicotine-kicks and refreshing flavors. RITE chew is produced by Ministry of Snus and comes in two different variants (Slim and Large) packed with energy and power!

All about RITE
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