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Rocker White and Rocker Green

Rocker introduces TWO brand new snus brands, White Rocker and Green Rocker Mini. Both of them are introduced with a very low price, in fact lowest totalprice on the market. Add that Rocker also cuts the price on all their other brands. We on BuySnus are gladly following this and cut the price on all rocker snus with up to 20%.

By introducing its technique of hermetic sealing of the can, Rocker eliminates the need for cool storage of the snuff. It can be stored at room temperature without moisture loss or quality deterioration for considerably longer times than other known products can withstand in cold store.
White Rocker

White Rocker offers a mild pleasant citrus aroma. With White Rocker we have chosen to present a "snus" with a somewhat lower moisture content, which allows the full flavor to blossom gently with a slight delay.
Green Rocker Mini

Green Rocker Mini is the first mini-pouch Rocker is offering. Green Rocker Mini Carries the full flavor of the berries of the forest like juniper.
Black Rocker

The aroma is a mixture of tobacco and fresh citrus. The flavor has a tobacco aroma mixed with citrus.
Red Rocker

A genuine tobacco aroma. The flavour of pure tobacco.
Blue Rocker

The aroma is a distinct mixture of fresh tobacco, liquorice and aniseed. The flavour has a pregnant aroma of liquorice and tobacco.
Silver Rocker

The aroma has a clear influence of menthol and tobacco. The flavour has an obvious aroma of menthol mixed with fresh tobacco.
Gold Rocker

Taste of coffee.

Try them now, we have as always the lowest total price!
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