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Kardus Premium Blend

The production of Kardus Premium Blend has been stopped

We are very sorry to inform you that Swedish Match has completely and unexpected stopped the production of Kardus Premium Blend. According to a press release we got from Swedish Match today they have stopped the production due to low sale figures.

Here is the explanation from Swedish Match:
Kardus Premium Blend was launched during the summer 2006 and got a big attention and interest among the consumers and the press, as the first widely spread premium snus on the market. Unfortunately, we can now see that the sale is lower than we expected which can be explained of the product's price. With the big focus that has beed on the price on snus since the previous autumn due of the tax increase. We can see that a premium product of this nature currently is not profitability in the high taxed loose snus segment.

Since a product of this high quality is very expensive to produce can or desires we not lower the price, we choose instead to cease with the production and the sale of Kardus Premium Blend. Kardus however entirely will not disappear from the market without being left in the form of Kardus Superior Blend, the most exclusive snus we have and probable also in the entire world. Once a year, we intend to continue to launch a very limited edition off the world's most excellent snus.

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