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Ettan Jakt is back for the Hunting season!

Imagine yourself sitting in the woods, hearing the wind haul and the rain falling against the roof of your hideout. It is in the early morning hours and the fog is thick around the fen. Whilst you wait for the mighty elk to show up you enjoy Ettan Jakt…

The first Monday of September is the first day of hunting elk in the northern parts of Sweden. Just in time for the hunting season Ettan Jakt is being released for the fourth time! Why for the hunting season you might ask? Well, Jakt means hunting in the Swedish language. Ettan Jakt is a limited edition snus from Swedish Match. It is the same classic snus as in Ettan Loose, but in a seasonal can for the autumn and the hunting season. The flavor of Ettan snus is dark and spicy, with clear tones of smoke, malt and a hint of dark chocolate.

Ettan is Sweden’s oldest snus brand and it was released in 1822. Even though time has had its impact on this Swedish snus it is still based on the original recipe by the founder Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. The recipe is simple - tobacco, salt and water.
Back in the days the Swedish snus manufacturers named their snus with quality numbers; 1, 2 and 3. When Ettan was released it was first called Ljunglöfs N:o 1, but after a while Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf released his snus again with 1:an or Ettan (1st, the first, the one) as the name of the snus. Since the autumn of 2014 Ettan Jakt has been available as a seasonal snus.

Do not wait, this is a limited edition and it can only be found in selected shops. We are happy to be able to offer this snus online during the autumn! Be a part of Sweden and take part of the Swedish tradition with this Swedish snus - Ettan Jakt.

Order Swedish snus online in our web shop today and get really fresh snus!

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Ettan Jakt Limited Edition



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