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Nick & Johnny East and Nick & Johnny West


When surveys were done among tobacco users Swedish Match discovered that it was one group that occasionally uses tobacco but do not feel like the picture of the snus user are visualizes today. They do not appreciate the traditional way of looking at snus, they have no product to identify themselves with and therefore was snus not a real alternative. For them has Swedish Match now released the new Nick (& Johnny).

Nick & Johnny East West  

Nick (& Johnny) is an exciting snus in a brand new can that doesn’t relate to any other. Snus has been sold in the same packaging during decades and this is a major innovation for the snus market. The new can is special designed for the Nick & Johnny snus and contains 20 gram of white portion snus.

Nick and Johnny is available in two varieties. Nick (& Johnny) West that is stronger with a higher level of nicotin and has a more traditional flavoring while the Nick (& Johnny) East has a normal nicotine level and instead is a bit more daring with spices that has eastern influences.

Nick & Johnny East West 

Nick (& Johnny) turn to people that feels like there is none of the traditional snus brands that fits, or for these who are curious on a new snus. Nick and Johnny is a snus experience for those who are young in the mind and independent and would like to go their own ways. This doesn’t mean that they always are young, but in the mind they are.

With an open mind Nick and Johnny flirt with people. Nick (& Johnny) snus is by Swedish Match a prioritized product and is launched with a very different appearance. This is very rare and doesn’t happen very often. With the concept "Another way of looking at snus" and the special cans no one will be able to avoid that Nick (& Johnny) is a special snus. 

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