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Mocca Plus Snus (Mocca Strong)

Mocca Plus (Mocca+)

Mocca+ is the first mini snus with extra nicotine. During the last few years many new snus brands has been launched in stronger variants with a higher nicotine level than regular snus. But this is the first time there is a strong mini snus. The Mocca Plus, or Mocca Strong as many will call it, is a snus intended to you who would like a discreet snus but believes that the nicotine level is too low of the regular mini snus. Perfect when you do not like people around you to know that you are using snus. The packaging is a bit different than the rest of the snus in the mocca series and has a lid with room for used portions, perfect when you don’t have any place to throw away your used snus.

Mocca Plus comes in two variants:

Mocca+ Eucalyptus which has an appreciated snus flavor of eucalyptus and is well known among snus users.

Mocca+ Tobacco flavor has as the name reveals a distinct tobacco flavor.

These brand new variants of the Mocca snus is launch now then the Mocca brand is celebrating four years. Before the launch of Mocca Strong (Mocca+) the Mocca snus was available in the flavors: Pomegranate, anis and mint.

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