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Grovsnus Black - A new Grovsnus in a modern format

A new GrovSnus taste in a modern format

Despite that the pouches are black they function as the White portion: it tastes longer and runs less than the original. This contains slightly more nicotine than the regular grovsnus. Still it has the distinguish taste and flavor of Grovsnus with an intensive and saturated tobacco taste and subtle tones of vanilla, leather and aniseed.

A masculine can

Then Grovsnus is the most masculine trademark on the market, it felt natural to launch a more robust snuff in this trademark. The new Grovsnus has a new designed can to strengthen the product properties without distinguish it too much from the regular grovsnus. Swedish Match describes the profile of grovsnus to be: The buddy that delivers masculinity in a rough way.

Target group

Grovsnus black aims primarily to young adult men that use snus or smokes. Secondly the products should awaken the curiosity at existing grovsnus consumers and users of the now discontinued product with name Grov maxi.

Success in the pre trials

The tests of the new Grovsnus black show fantastic results. Especially the users are attracted by the black pouch but also the taste and the packaging are liked. Majority says that this definitive is an alternative they would like to see on the market and therefore are the expatiations on the products very high.

Grovsnus Black

Grovsnus Black
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