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General Ekstra Sterk - the strongest snus on the market

Swedish match launches a new type of snus in the General family, General Ekstra Sterk, a stronger original portion snus. General Sterk that earlier came out on the market has become popular among snus users. Now has the Sterk-concept been developed to an even stronger snus in original portion.

General Ekstra Sterk is the strongest snus on the market at the moment and it contains 15 mg nicotine per pouch while original portion snus normally contains 8-11 mg nicotine per pouch. The snus has the classic taste of General, a considerable tobacco taste with elements of citrus and pepper. The can is black with a discreet red stripe. General Ekstra Sterk contains 22 pouches that together have a weight of 24 grams. The pouches are little bigger than a regular pouch in original.

General Extra Sterk

General Ekstra Sterk
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