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New General Snus - Three new players in the General line up

New General Snus


The General team, by Swedish match has reinforced its line up with these 3 competent players:
General Extra Strong Loose
The portion-packed General Sterk (General Strong) and Ektra Sterk (Extra Strong), which were both introduced last year, have become very popular. General Ekstra Sterk Loose (General Extra Strong Loose) will add another member to the successful brand family.
General Ekstra Sterk Loose is based on the same recipe as the portion-packed snus, General Ekstra Sterk, and has the classic and very popular General flavor; a distinct tobacco taste with hints of citrus and pepper. Cigarette smokers comprise the principal target group for snus. User surveys show that many smokers want a stronger snus in order to view it as an option. The increase in sales of previously launched products with high nicotine content also clearly indicates considerable demand for this type of product in the Norwegian market. These are the reasons for adding General Ekstra Sterk Loose to the range. The tobacco mixture is stronger in terms of nicotine, with a strength of 13 mg/g.
General Wintergreen White Portion
General Wintergreen White Portion is a snus with crisp and refreshing Wintergreen flavor that are very appreciated by customers in the US market. Pleasing & relaxing. Flavorful & enjoying.
General Dry mini mint
General Dry mini mint snus is a snus with refreshing taste of icy peppermint. General Dry mini mint is a rebranding of the former Catch Dry Peppermint and is identical in flavor, size and moisture content. The only change is in the brand name and packaging design.
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