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Kurbits Morgondagg

Kurbits Morgondagg

There is nothing quite the wonderful and welcoming feeling of a summer morning when the warming rays of the sun meets the chilly night air. A time of the day when the green grass is covered in dew, when the birds start to sing and when the temperature is delightfully pleasant. A feeling that Kurbits Morgondagg captures brilliantly with its nuanced and slightly cool flavor.

Kurbits Morgondagg delivers strong nicotine kicks (12.5 mg/portion) and it has a mild tobacco character that is topped with clear hints of viola and delicious tones of licorice. A tasty flavor combination that leaves a nice cooling sensation under the lip. These white portions are designed to offer a comfortable fit while their somewhat dry surfaces minimizes the drip, which ensures that the release of both flavor and nicotine last for a long time.

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Typ: White Portion
Nikotin: 12.5 mg/portion
Portionsgewicht: 0.9 g
Snusgewicht: 18 g/Dose


Preis pro Dose: 3,89 USD Dosen:
Preis pro Stange: 32,69 USD = 1 Punkt
Stangen(10 Dosen):

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