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Shiro Virginia Classic Slim All White

Shiro Virginia Classic Slim All White

Shiro Virginia Classic Slim All White is a tobacco-free alternative for you who likes traditional tobacco flavors and who prefers pleasant nicotine kicks (6 mg/portion). Its all-white and medium strong nicotine pouches have a round and soft flavor character with a natural underlying sweetness.

The filling used consist of natural plant fibers. An innovative filling that both minimizes the drip and that ensures that these pouches won’t stain. Combine this with their comfortable slim-size and you got something incredibly discreet that delivers a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

You can now order the tobacco flavored Shiro Virginia Classic Slim All White online at

Typ: All White - ohne Tabak
Nikotin: 6 mg/portion
Portionsgewicht: 0,7 g
Inhalt: 12 g/Dose


Preis pro Dose: 6,59 USD Dosen:
Preis pro Stange: 55,39 USD = 1 Punkt
Stangen(10 Dosen):

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