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Vinnaren av förra veckans tävling! 

Den lyckliga vinnaren av våran tävling där man skulle berätta om sin första snus upplevelse är: Jeremy Bunch - läs hans vinnande berättelse!

A couple of years ago I took a break from college to see what life is like as a hobo. I rode boxcar trains back and forth across the U.S. for nearly a year. One day I was riding with two other hobos - Scarface Ron & Birdy Joe Hoaks. The train stopped at night somewhere in the middle of Montana, so we all got out to build a fire to keep warm. Joe killed a squirrel, so we ate fried squirrel over the fire, and after supper, Ron pulled something out of his pocket. He said he tried to pick-pocket a gentleman in Chicago a few days earlier, but instead of getting the man's wallet, he got this little can of... he didn't know what it was. It was a fancy looking can with a silver lid that read "ONYX" on it. I took it, smelled the contents, and when I put a portion in my mouth, it just naturally went under the upper lip. I had never done Swedish Snus before. I wasn't even sure it was tobacco, but it was a perfect balance of citrus, salt, pepper. I have never looked back since!

Grattis, Jeremy!

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