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Faro nicotine pouches

Faro - Nicotine pouches with tea-based fillings!

Today the market’s tobacco free selection is mostly dominated by all-white nicotine pouches with fillings that consist of natural plant fibers of different kinds. But there is one player that goes against the flow and challenges the trend, the Austrian manufacturer House of Smoke. It’s flagship and tobacco free brand Faro, with its own take on nicotine pouches, stands out from the competition and offers something new and exciting. Faro’s secret is its filling, a high-quality filling made from tea leaves. An innovative filling that gives these nicotine pouches characteristics and qualities mostly found in more traditional chew and snus. A filling that gives them a full-bodied, well-rounded and nuanced flavor character. These white nicotine pouches all have somewhat dry surfaces that minimizes the drip which makes them designed to deliver a long-lasting release of both flavor and nicotine.

Faro’s nicotine pouches come in several different variants that offers a little something for every taste and strength preference.

Faro Acid 08: Flavorsome nicotine pouches that deliver pleasant nicotine kicks (5 mg/portion) together with a fresh and summery citrus flavor.

Faro Original 08: Its nicotine pouches deliver a nuanced flavor where the tea leaf filling have been topped with a fresh touch of bergamot. This tasty flavor is complemented by a medium strong and nice nicotine kick (5 mg/portion).

Faro Frosted 08: Refreshing nicotine pouches that deliver medium strong nicotine kicks (5 mg/portion) together with a cool flavor of mint and menthol.

Faro Arctic 16: Extra strong (16 mg nicotine/portion) nicotine pouches that deliver a cool and a slightly sweet spearmint flavor over an icy mint base.

Faro Iceshock 20: These nicotine pouches are filled to the brim with nicotine (26 mg/portion) and they deliver a fresh mint flavor topped with ice-cold hints of menthol.

Faro Apple Mint: Its medium strong (5 mg nicotine/portion) nicotine pouches deliver a fresh and delicious flavor that combines tasty tones of apples with a cool mint flavor.

Faro Raspberry Mint: Fruity and flavorful nicotine pouches that deliver medium strong nicotine kicks (5 mg/portion) together with a fresh flavor of, as the name suggest, mint and raspberries.

Faro, an excellent choice for you who’s looking for something 100% tobacco free that provides the same nuanced and satisfying experience as a classic chew or snus

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