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Swedish snus, snuff is a quality moistened smokeless tobacco. makes it really easy and convenient for you to order Swedish snus outside the borders of Sweden. We guarantee you the lowest total price and no hidden fees. We do not sell within the EU. More than 95% of the orders are shipped within 24 hours.The most popular snus is the General-series from Swedish Match with a strong flavor which leaves no one untouched!

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Special Edition

New Cola flavored snus

Gotlandssnus has just released the first snus in the special edition series "Selected Flavors".

The flavor of cola popsicle is balanced with a tasty traditional snus flavor - a time limited pleasure!

Jakobsson's Special - StrongCola



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Slim format is growing

Nytt spännande snus från Lundgrens!

Well, not in size but in numbers! V2 Tobacco has just released two new snus in slim moist portions.

Thunder Slim Original - in two refreshing mint flavors: Cool Mint & Frosted!

Buy New Thunder!


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Can: 5.28 USD Cans:
Roll: 45.16 USD =1p
Can: 3.93 USD Cans:
Roll: 33.41 USD =1p
Can: 3.93 USD Cans:
Roll: 33.41 USD =1p
Can: 5.03 USD Cans:
Roll: 42.72 USD =1p
Can: 5.03 USD Cans:
Roll: 42.72 USD =1p

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Can: 3.56 USD Cans:
Roll: 30.47 USD =1p Rolls:
Can: 4.85 USD Cans:
Roll: 41.22 USD =1p Rolls:
Can: 5.10 USD Cans:
Roll: 43.59 USD =1p Rolls:
Can: 3.56 USD Cans:
Roll: 30.47 USD =1p Rolls:
Can: 5.10 USD Cans:
Roll: 43.59 USD =1p Rolls:

Snus brands


Catch snus, a snus for the 21st century with that contemporary, urban feeling! Many refreshing flavors and different portion sizes. Modern, tasty and refreshing - it is a Catch!

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When Epok was released it really took the snus market by surprise, it was something new and very exciting - made with white tobacco in a wide range of flavors!

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The Ettan brand was introduced in Sweden in 1822 by Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf. The packaging and look of Ettan has changed very little over the years, remaining true to its traditional roots!

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Since 1915, General snus is carefully crafted from selected tobaccos according to a secret recipe. Today, General snus is the largest snus brand of Swedish Match and comes in a wide range of strenghts, flavors and portion sizes!

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Göteborgs Rapé

Göteborgs Rapé has to a large extent been the same snus since 1919. It has a mellow tobacco taste with notes of lavender, juniper, oak and citrus - all in a shimmering blue can!

All about Göteborgs Rapé
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Granit has a traditional tobacco centric flavor, but comes in several different strengths and portion varieties - all at a very good price!

All about Granit
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Grov is a coarsely ground snus with a dark and pure tobacco flavor. At first, it was mostly appreciated in the north of Sweden, but these days Grov fans can be found all over the world!


All about Grov
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Kaliber is a modern alternativ for price-concious consumers that wish for a high quality snus. Kaliber has a medium-bodied tobacco flavor and Kaliber+ stands for a stronger version with a more robust tobacco character.

All about Kaliber
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Kapten is a quite new but at the same time traditional snus brand in different varieties. It has flavors such as mint, melon, licorice and of course there is a variety with a tobacco centric flavor.

All about Kapten
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Lundgrens is a traditional snus series with a lot of innovative thinking. When exploring the different snuses you will find such things as flexlids, perforated portions and organically grown tobacco from Sweden!

All about Lundgrens
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Nick and Johnny

This snus was born with the ex-smoker in mind. Every pouch will deliver about 40% more nicotine than the average Swedish Match brand - comes in many different flavors!

All about Nick and Johnny
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Oden’s got everything from traditional strength Swedish snus to those extremely strong snus which might blow your mind…and they come in a lot of different flavors!

All about Odens
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Omni is the first all-white snus from Swedish Match. Discreet and thin pouches that provide the same nicotine experience as a traditional portion snus.

All about OMNI
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Göteborgs Prima Fint

In the year of 1919 we saw the invention of this mild, slightly sweet snus with hints of dried fruits and rosehip. Comes only as a moist loose snus. 

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Röda Lacket

Röda Lacket is made of ground tobacco with notes of leather and dried fruits, along with hints of dried herbs and smoke. This loose snus has been around since 1897 - and if you try it you will understand its long lasting popularity!

All about Röda Lacket
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Skruf snus is the more exclusive choice for snus users. Each of the tobacco leaves has been manually selected by experts. Only the best leaves are used to make this high quality snus.

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The Lab

The Lab Series by Swedish Match was developed by combining the latest research with specific demands of snus consumers. The main focus is on function and innovation - you won't be disappointed by the LaB!

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Thunder - the popular extra strong snus brand by V2 Tobacco in Denmark. Comes in lots of flavors, sizes and shapes!

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