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Catch the wave with Swave

Swave by Gotlandssnus (the Swedish manufacturer behind the popular Jakobsson’s snus) is a tobacco free brand with a tropical and fruity flavor profile. It’s a brand that specializes in discreet and all white nicotine pouches that deliver energetic nicotine kick and satisfyingly long-lasting flavors. Swave takes its inspiration from the summer, sunny days and the refreshing ocean breeze. Inspiration sources that have carved out a unique identity and place on the tobacco free market for Swave. Swave is the very first all white brand from Gotlandssnus and we at BuySnus think that their debut within this product segment has been an overwhelming success! Gotlandssnus’ experts have with precisions and craftmanship developed a brand where everything works in perfect harmony; the flavors, the scents, the feel, the aromas, the delivery of both nicotine and flavor as well as the graphical design and style. All these details fuse together and creates a brand that offers something out of the ordinary.

Swave's flavors

Exotic and summery. These two words loaded with positive connotations have played an integral and central role in the development of Swave and its selection of nicotine pouches. Its flavors make one reminisce of colorful drinks and cocktails that are best enjoyed when relaxing in a sunbed under a clear blue sky. A good example on when this philosophy and vision of Swave’s flavor is applied is Swave Daiquiri. It has a fruity and sweet flavor that combines watermelon with tones of wild berries and a light touch of pear. Another excellent example is Swave Tropic Spritz. Its nicotine pouches combine different tropical fruits where delicious tones of pineapple stands out which gives them a wonderfully summery flavor and character. If coffee is your thing, then Swave Cafetini got exactly what you need. It delivers a full-bodied and creamy coffee flavor topped with delicious tones of caramelized syrup Swave Daiquiri, Swave Tropic Spritz and Swave Cafetini all deliver strong and stimulating nicotine kicks (10.5 mg/portion), they’re 100% tobacco free and they use a high-quality filling that consists of natural plant fibers. An all white filling that ensures that their slim nicotine pouches won’t leave any stains on your teeth while it also keeps the drip to a minimum. This low amount of drip combined with their comfortable slim-size make them provide a long lasting release of both flavor and nicotine in an incredibly discreet way.

Embark on a flavor-journey to tropical beaches, warmer weather and sunnier days with Swave. Swave’s nicotine pouches are a perfect choice for you who want to enjoy something deliciously fruity, satisfyingly stimulating and truly discreet.

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