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PACT-ACT Important information for the USA! 

-New Information-

To our US-based customers:

Lately there’s been a lot of talk regarding the new US laws under the name of PACT Act. We are complying with the laws as far as possible today. During the next months there might be changes. We’ll keep you informed of this and for the moment it’s safe to order from BuySnus!

Some of the changes that we’ve done are:
Age verification on our site (If you’re having problems with verifying your account, please send us an e-mail and we’ll help you.)
All orders are packed in sealed plastic bags with the mandatory health warning.
Adult signature required. This is checked by UPS upon delivery.
We pay the appropriate duties and government fees since we use UPS DDP (Delivery & Duty Paid). If you as a customer should be contacted by a local authority to pay taxes or fees please contact us. We promise you that we’ll sort this out without any problems for you.

Some of the benefits by ordering from BuySnus are:
Absolutely fresh Swedish snus direct from the manufacturers! With no extra overseas warehouse and with no shipping time between we’ll supply you with the freshest snus possible.
We sell and ship ALL brands from Sweden, including the whole Skruf-range!
Faster deliveries by using UPS from Sweden compared to UPS Ground or other slower services where the snus is placed in warm trucks for days.

Living in the US?
Are you aware of the new PACT-ACT that is becoming a law in the US, starting 22nd of June? This law means that all shipments must go by courier-service like UPS.

There will also be a raise of the prices and the raise is dependent on what state you live in. This will be calculated on our website after 22nd of June. Therefore, it could be wise to order some extra snus to a significant lower price before the PACT-ACT!

Storing your snus in the freezer?

If you would like to order some extra snus before the PACT-ACT it could be a good idea to freeze it. By doing this it can last up to a year in the freezer.

Remember to store your snus in an airsealed bag to prevent the snus from drying out in the freezer. Be sure to keep the snus in your refridgerator while defrosting it.

NOTE! This law only concerns people living in the US!


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