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Jakobssons snus

Henrik Jakobsson, the developer and producer of Jakobsson’s Snus, tells his story:

My family was already, during the 19th century, snus connoisseurs and great-grandfather Jakob was well known for his special snus. It was as evident then as it is today that Jakobsson’s Snus tastes as snus should taste.

The knowledge of how snus should taste has been part of my family’s traditions since that time and is of importance when we make Jakobsson’s Snus today. The ancestors contributed inspiration as well as the secret key behind the quality snus and its unique taste.

We grow a rare tobacco type named Alida. The plants originate from the ones that my ancestors cared for and harvested for their snus. Therefore, you can be assured that the right amount of the original Swedish Alida is included in Jakobsson’s Snus even today. Two turns of the century and several generations have passed. Parts of our family emigrated, together with hordes of Scandinavians, across the Atlantic to the New World and brought with them our special Swedish snus tradition. We who stayed behind have preserved the tradition and continued to develop our characteristic Swedish snus – Jakobsson’s.

Jakobssons is a premium snus produced from especially chosen raw materials – a mixture of the finest tobacco types collected from all corners of the world. This includes Alida, the tobacco grown on Gotland. The snus, having a highly distinctive smooth character, contains only premium raw materials - for a lasting taste experience.

In addition to the traditional snus, with the specially chosen tobacco types and aromas, we are now also developing other alternatives in order to accommodate new requirements – such as the Ice-Fruit.

Behind the Jakobsson’s brand name is Gotlandssnus AB, well-recognized and successful producers of quality snus. Jakobsson’s has already attracted attention and interest around the world.

The Jakobssons comes in two flavors:

Classic: Classic has a classic, memorable taste of snus, with an undertone of citrus. Jakobssons Classic Snus

Ice-Fruit: Ice-Fruit has a soft, fruity taste with a fresh, icy undertone. Jakobssons Ice-Fruit Snus

Jakobssons Classic snus Jakobssons Ice-Fruit snus
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