6th Roll Concept

Ordering your nicotine pouches and nicotine free snus at BuySnus.com/eu is profitable.

You will automatically receive 1 point for each roll that you buy and when you have collected five points you will get the following roll at HALF THE PRICE. I. e. 1 roll = 1 point and at 5 points you can buy the 6th roll at half-price!

Tell a friend and receive more points

The 6th roll concept means that it should be profitable for you to recommend our site to your friends and relatives. Therefore we have introduced the concept which basically means that you will benefit from ALL purchases made by people you have recommended to our site (only valid when purchasing rolls). You will get 1 point for each roll they order and you will collect points not only at the first purchase they do but also on all future purchases. This means that you can buy several rolls at half the price depending on how many rolls you have bought by yourself and how many the people you have recommended have purchased.

To recommend a friend to BuySnus.com, the only thing your friend has to do is register and enter your user name or your e-mail address as reference in the registration form. You will collect points, and your friend will receive a 10% discount on the next purchase!


One example:

Abe found our web site and purchased 3 rolls. He later on recommends Bert and Ceasar to try out BuySnus. Both Bert and Ceasar purchase 6 rolls each. At this point, Abe can count in as many as 15 rolls (3+6+6 rolls). The next time Abe places an order for rolls, he will be able to purchase 3 rolls at half price.

Your Point Balance

As a customer you can easily see how many points you have by logging on to "My pages". Use your user name and password that you chose at the registration to log in. Click on My points to be able to see a specification of your points, your own earned points, earned by recruited customers and also used points. You have also a possibility to see how many rolls you can buy at half the price.


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