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Here are some questions that customers frequently ask us. We hope that the answers are helpful to you. If your question is not here or you need additional information, you can contact us here.

General questions

Do you have a minimum ordering limit?
We do not have a minimal ordering limit and customers wishing to order only one can of chew are welcome to do so.

I do not see the country to send to in your delivery list. Does it mean you do not deliver there?
Unfortunately, if the desired destination is not in our lists are we are unable to deliver there.

Is it possible to buy your products in a physical store somewhere else?
We only have an online store selling chew and other products. Please place your order on our website www.buysnus.com/eu/  where you will find a range of Chew varieties.



How do I pay on BuySnus.com?
Once you have registered as a customer on BuySnus.com, you can pay in advance with Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard or by Bank transfer. All transactions that are made on BuySnus.com are secure and are sent through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer)-secured server with a password protection. For further details see "Secure payment" section.

How are you handling my credit cards data?
As a customer in our web shop you can feel secure, we use Nets for the electronic card transactions between your and our bank. For more information see the menu Secure payment

What is security code - CVV2?
The Card Verification Number appears in the signature line on the back of your credit card. This number helps protect you from fraud because it is only printed on your credit card. (See the example below).

How do you charge me?
We accept payments in advance with either credit card or by bank transfer. All credit card transactions are sent through a SSL (Secure Socket Layer)-secured server with a password protection.

How do I pay through a bank transfer?
When you pay by bank transfer you place an order and go to "Shopping cart" and continue with the order process. When the page “Shipping and payment” comes up you must select the bank transfer option instead of credit card payment, and when you have pressed continue you push the button “Send instructions”. All details needed to process the bank transfer will be sent to your email in a few minutes. We will activate your order as soon as we have received a confirmation on that the transaction has reached our account - this usually takes about 2-5 business days after you have made the transfer.

How do I get the information I need for the bank transfer?
When you have placed an order after selecting Bank transfer as your payment option, you will receive an e-mail with all the details you will need for the bank transfer in a few minutes.

I have not received an order confirmation or instruction for the bank transfer
Please e-mail us at order@buysnus.com and we will in a short while resend the information about the order to your e-mail again. If you have not received an order confirmation e-mail etc. it can depend on many things. Please check that you have registered your e-mail address correctly, if not please make the updates as soon as possible. Other reasons for that you have not received any e-mail from us could be that you e-mail sever was down when we sent you the e-mail. Also look that our e-mail does not reach you because of a SPAM protection, especially when you have encoding your e-mail for this. Sometimes, if you have an e-mail storage that has reached the limited quote you will not get our mail because of that.

Error when trying to pay
Please check that you have used a valid card such as VISA, Eurocard or MasterCard. If an error occurs it could be a problem with the connection with your card issuers bank – it could e.g. be temporarily down when you try to pay. When this happens, please try to place an order later and if the error still shows up, please contact your bank.

Other reason could be that you have not written the numbers of your card correct. The card number and the CVV2 code should be written in an unbroken sequence (with no spaces). Also check that you have written the right CVV2 code (the three last card numbers on the back of your card) and Expire date of the card. Make sure that your card is valid and has not reached expire date and that you have money your account.


Regulations and customs charges

By using our site, you understand and expressly agree to be legally bound by these Terms and follow the Terms and Conditions. BuySnus.com will have the authority to deny

To place an order with BuySnus.com you have to be 18 years or older.

Please note that all orders imported may become subject to routine custom controls, in which your package may be opened and examined. This process might also add some extra days to the delivery time which BuySnus.com cannot be held responsible for even though the delivery has a guaranteed time of delivery. If the customs require any specific documents or information from the importer for the package to be imported, you have the responsibility to provide all they ask for.

As the importer, you also have the responsibility to follow all local laws in the country of import which you may be a subject to. BuySnus.com recommends any importer to check with the local customs as to make sure that the intended order will progress in accordance to all current active regulation in the recipient country.

If you have any questions regarding import regulations to your specific country BuySnus.com recommend contacting the local customs authorities in first hand, but you may also contact our competent customer support with any such questions and we will return with an answer as soon as possible.

All costs for your order such as product costs, shipping charges and VAT(for orders to EU-countries) will be indicated in the checkout before placing your order, as well as in the order confirmation.

Delivery information

How is the shipping done?

  1. You will receive an order confirmation directly on the home page when the purchase is completed, and an e-mail confirming your order will be sent to your indicated email address. Most orders are sent within 24 hours on business days.
  2. We will send your goods in one or several letters based on what you have ordered. If your order is shipped by UPS, it will always be shipped in one package solely however. Your order will be processed in a secure and cold area, just to keep the products as fresh as possible. It will be shipped in a durable and lightweight box, as to make sure that your order will reach you safe, and without any extra package fees thanks to the lightweight boxes we use.  
  3. We will send you an e-mail when your order has been sent out from our distribution centre containing information about your order. Please note that only the information regarding your current parcel will be indicated.
  4. The time of delivery is depending on all involved postal services if your order is shipped by post. An approximated time frame for delivery within Europe, provided by The Swedish Post, is 2-5 business days. Please note that postal orders are sent unregistered and cannot be traced.  Orders sent with UPS can be traced in your order history, where you also can see the preliminary delivery date. UPS package shipped by Express or Express saver has a guaranteed date or time of delivery.

Do I get the shipping cost specified when I order?
The delivery cost will be specified in the shopping cart. It will update automatically when you change any quantity of products in the shopping cart. The shipping costs are always included in the total price and they will be clearly indicated in the checkout before confirming your order. VAT will always be included in the total price of each product on our website, as well as being specified in total in the checkout before your order is confirmed. The VAT will also be included in the order confirmation sent to you by email.

Shipping alternatives
Please ensure that all details of your shipping address and customer information are correct before submitting your order. BuySnus.com are not responsible for orders with incorrect or missing information that do not reach you. You have a few shipping methods to choose between, UPS and The Swedish Post. The different alternatives and the shipping cost are presented during the order process in the checkout. (In some countries, it is not possible to ship with UPS at all or only with some of the UPS alternatives). The delivery options are:

  • The Swedish Postal Service– 1: st priority letter
    An approximate delivery time for shipments within Europe, provided by the postal service, is 2-5 business days. If some products would be out of stock, part deliveries are sent if possible. BuySnus will not compensate for any confiscated or missing deliveries if selecting the Swedish post as shipping alternative due to the fact that an order sent with the post does not have a tracking number or a reference number of any kind. There is no possibility to make a search for your order and therefore BuySnus.com cannot take responsibility for your shipment at all.
  • UPS
    UPS international delivery dates and times are for door-to-door service including customs clearance. Certain commodities and high-value shipments may require additional transit time for customs clearance. Service to some remote areas may require additional delivery days. Rates do not include charges for customs clearance. Customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes will be billed to the importer unless otherwise indicated by the shipper. All UPS deliveries have a tracking number and can be traced throughout the transit process.
    • UPS Standard
      A fast, reliable service for less urgent shipments to some destinations within Europe. Delivery commitment:
      - Scheduled day-definite delivery within five days throughout Europe depending on origin and destination.
      - Benefits: An ideal choice when speed needs to be balanced with economy.
    • UPS Express
      Guaranteed next morning delivery across Europe. Delivery commitment:
      - Next day delivery by 10:30 a.m. or 12:00 noon to some addresses in Europe
      - Benefits: Guaranteed delivery for peace of mind and an ideal choice for urgent shipments that must arrive during the morning.
    • UPS Express Saver
      Guaranteed delivery during the next business day across Europe and fast delivery worldwide. Delivery commitment:
      - Next business day delivery during the day to some European business centres.
      - Day-definite delivery during the day to other countries worldwide.
      - Benefits: Guaranteed delivery during the day for peace of mind and an economical alternative to our Express service for fast delivery.

Is it possible to track my envelope?
You can only track your order if you have selected UPS as the shipping alternative for your order. Unfortunately, you cannot track your order if it is sent by the Swedish Post office; it does not have a tracking- or reference number.

Return of goods
If you are not satisfied with some or all products of your order you can return them to us and receive a full refund for the products returned. For you to receive a refund it is important that you inform and ship the products you want to return within 14 days after you have received them. If you don’t inform us that you are returning the products, BuySnus will have the right to deny your return of the goods.

You will have to pay for the return shipping costs yourself. The products must be in their original condition when returned. If the products have been opened or in any other way are not in their original condition, they will be non-refundable. When a roll of chew is purchased, the plastic covering the roll is regarded as part of the original packaging. If the plastic is removed or moderately damaged or opened it cannot be returned to us. Please note that you cannot return any edibles such as candy since they are regarded as a perishable product which in accordance to the law cannot be sold more than once. 

I have not received a e-mail of my Order or Shipping Confirmation
If you have not received an Order or Shipping confirmation to your e-mail it can depends on many things. The first thing you should check is that you have registered your e-mail address correctly, if not please make the updates as soon as possible, otherwise will the e-mails continue be sent to the address you entered in the first place. Please e-mail us at order@buysnus.com if you like to have a new Confirmation sent to you again. Other reasons for that you have not received any e-mail from us could be that you e-mail sever was down when we sent you the e-mail. Also look that our mail does not reach you because of a SPAM protection, especially when you have encoding your e-mail for this. Sometimes, if you have an e-mail storage that has reached the limited quote you will not get our mail because of that.

I have not received my order sent with the Swedish post, how come?
We are very sorry that you still have not received your order. The time of delivery is depending on the Swedish post time of delivery and the postal service in the country where the goods are sent and the delivery time can vary from time to time. Sometimes can an envelope also be delayed if it is held in customs for a while. An approximate postal service according to Swedish Post office is within Europe 2-5 business days. It is our experience that most envelopes arrive at their destination within the times above. If your order for any reason has not arrived and has been shipped with the Swedish post office do not contact us until a minimum of 10 days have passed and we are then able to assist you.

Also make sure that you have entered a correct shipping address when you placed the order, the address is used exactly as inputted by yourself when submitting your order. We are not responsible for orders with incorrect or missing information that should not reach you.

How do I update my address?
If any of your details change, such as your address, phone number you can update your details by signing into your account on the BuySnus.com, and update the relevant section. Please visit My pages / Customer info.

I would like to change the delivery address is it possible?
Just log in on BuySnus.com and update your address on My pages / Customer info. If you already have placed an order and would like to change that address as well please get e-mail us as soon as possible on order@buysnus.com We are not always able to change the address before it has been sent therefore it is very important that you check your delivery address is correct before submitting your order.

What would happen if I am not at home to collect the delivery?
If the envelope will not fit in your post box you will be notified by the post that you have to go and pick it up at the post office.

Availability of goods
If BuySnus.com has insufficient stock to deliver the goods ordered by you, we will notify you as soon as possible either on your shipping confirmation if a part order has been sent or by e-mail at the address given by you in your order form. If your order is divided in several packages (is written on your order confirmation) is it possible that the packages for some reason have been separated and thus not arrive at the same time.
Please note that we endeavor to bring our customers the best value we can by running special offers, but remember stocks are limited at the special offer price, and subject to availability. We update our web site as quickly as we can to minimize disappointment.

I have received a wrong /damage product
You should always confirm that you have received the right products and that they are not damage in any way. If the goods BuySnus.com delivers are not what you ordered or are damaged or defective or the delivery is of an incorrect quantity, BuySnus shall have no liability to you unless you notify us within 10 working days of the delivery of goods in question. Please e-mail to order@buysnus.com

If you by mistake have ordered the wrong merchandise we will not replace this product or if there are any damage or loss that is out of our control. If this is not the case we will shortly send you a replacement product. You should always make a claim at the post office or directly at the delivery when your order is sent with UPS when you receive an envelope that is damage in any way. BuySnus.com is not accountable for any damage/delay/loss that is out of our control.

6th roll concept

What is 6th roll concept?
You will receive 1 point for each roll of chew that you buy and when you have collected five points you will get the following roll at HALF THE PRICE. Accordingly 1 roll = 1 point and at 5 points you can buy the 6th roll at half-price. The 6th roll concept means that it should be profitable for you to recommend your friends and relatives about our site. This is one of the reasons behind this concept; you will benefit from ALL purchases that people you have recommended have done (only valid when purchasing rolls).

I have placed an order but no points are shown on my account, how come?
The reason for that you have not received any points for you purchase are that you have not bought whole rolls of chew, just single cans. You will receive 1 point for each roll of chew that you buy.


What happens with my personal data?
Your privacy is important to us, your personal data will be treated with the utmost care. We use your information to process your order as efficiently as possible. They will not be shared with third parties without your explicit consent. To ensure a fast and smooth processing of your order, part of your data (contact details) is passed on to our service partners. This is, for example, the commissioned transport company or bank. However, the amount of the data provided by us is limited to the absolute minimum.

In addition to processing your order, your data may also be used by us for our own marketing purposes, such as product recommendations or discount promotions that we think you may be interested in.

You can always get information about the data stored by us free of charge. Your data will be stored in accordance with the law. If the deletion of your data is not subject to legal retention requirements and the data is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose of the storage, you can request the deletion of your data.

You may object at any time to the use of your personal information for advertising purposes or individual measures. You can send us a message to info@BuySnus.com to do so.

Is the Chew really fresh?
We get deliveries from the producer several times per week so the chew is always as fresh as it could be. As a result you are always guaranteed to get perishable goods directly sent home to you.

Why can't  I order Snus or American snuff?
We are sorry to say that we only sell chew on our EU site, the American snuff are not available in the Swedish market, and Swedish snus cannot be sold to EU countries from Sweden in accordance to a Swedish court deccision 2012.

How is it with the durability?
Durability is a matter of many parameters that are difficult to prevail over. Our recommendation is to store the chew dark and cold.

Could I cancel my order?
If you have changed your mind and want to cancel your order is this possible until the order has entered the shipping process. After your order is sent it is not possible to cancel your order. The order can however be returned to us, and you can have it refunded. Please read more about this in the section called: Delivery information

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Force Majeure
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