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Loose Snus

Loose snus, which is not pre-packaged into portion bags, is the oldest form of snus. To be used, it has to be baked into a so-called "prilla" - either by hand or using a tool such as a Prismaster, a Mortar snus syringe or an Icetool.

Portion Snus

Portion snus is pre-packaged into small bags and does not have to be formed prior to use. Since the first portion snus was launched in the 1970s, the number of variations has exploded and portion snus is the most commonly used snus form today.

Mini Portion

Mini portion snus is more discreet than regular sized snus portions. It also due to its size the snus of choice for all those wanting a lower nicotine content per portion.

Regular Sized Portion

Even though they are called "large", these portions are the regular-sized snus portions and still the most common of all.

Original Portion

Original portion snus (sometimes also called regular or brown portion snus) is moistened on the surface. It has a faster release of flavor and strength than the drier white portions.

White Portion

White portion snus is not being moistened on the surface once the portions have been filled. It is therefore lighter on the outside and is less runny than original portion snus. As the snus itself is moist, it offers a long lasting flavor experience.

Strong/Extra Strong Portion

Strong and extra strong portion snus has a higher nicotine content than regular snus. The difference can be considerable, so trying different variations carefully is recommended.

Slim Portion

Slim portion snus has a more comfortable fit behind the lip than the usual large-sized portions and provide a more discreet snus experience. Quite a number of slim portion snus variations also offer less drip due to a special portion material.

Maxi Portion

Maxi portions are somewhat shorter but thicker snus portions.

Mixed snus and boxes

Is it hard for you to decide what snus to choose among our 200+ varieties? Try different kinds of snus at a reduced price with our mixes!

Other Smokeless Tobacco

Not only snus and chew, there are other smoke free tobacco products - believe it or not!

Snus Accessories

Popular snus accessories such as tools for loose snus and practical snus cans in aluminum and stainless steel.

Swedish Candy

This is where you can buy delicious Swedish candy and have it shipped all over the world! Swedish chocolates like Daim chocolate and Marabou chocolate are very popular. Did you know that the most bought Swedish car is a candy car, not Volvo? Ahlgrens Bilar ("bilar" is Swedish for cars) are chewy marshmallows - choose between the fruity original and the salty licorice.

Special offers

All our current special offers in one place! Find the best offers on snus online. We always have a sale on snus!

Strong/Extra Strong White

Strong and extra strong White portion snus has a higher nicotine content than regular snus.

Original Portion

Original Portions in a slim portion format!

White Portion

White Portions in the popular slim format.

Nicotine Pouches

At you’ll find a huge and varied selection of nicotine pouches! What are Nicotine Pouches? It’s tobacco free and all-white portions that provide refreshing flavors and stimulating kicks in a discreet way. Nicotine Pouches use natural plant fibers instead of tobacco, an innovative type of filling that ensures that they won’t leave any stains on your teeth, that they drip minimally and that they deliver a long-lasting release.

Ultra Strong Snus

In this category, you will find the world's strongest snus. Be warned, this snus is not for rookies!

General Snus - The Original

General snus is a full bodied and complex snus, made by a mix from more than 20 types of tobacco and a drop of bergamott oil. For many snus users this is the only thinkable flavor.

Skruf Snus

The excellent quality and the modern factory results in lower levels of the poisoning TSNA than other brand on the market. Each of the tobacco leafs has been manually selected by experts.

Ettan snus

At the age of 14, eleven years before the recipe of Ettan snus was created, Jacob Fredrik Ljunglöf started working at one of Sweden's biggest tobacco factories. It's fair to say that he made a rapid climb up the career ladder.

Catch snus - How about a little Swedish innovation

Research showed that the consumers wanted a product that was exciting, fresh, innovative, discreet, unisex and accessible. Catch snus was the result of these efforts.

The Lab Series - The new type of Snus

The Lab Series by Swedish Match was developed through a collaboration between designers, snus consumers and researchers. The result of this was a new brand.

Göteborgs Rapé - it stands out on its own

Describing it is like explaining the character of a fine wine: ...with tones of juniper berry and fresh herbs. At the same time, its 1919 origins are humble. A great flavour, created by accident.

Nick and Johnny snus - Who's Nick? And who the hell is Johnny?

This snus was born with the smoker in mind. Every pouch will deliver about 40% more nicotine than your average snus brand. But any question about the true identities of Nick and Johnny, will probably remain unanswered...

Tre Ankare - the world's first successful snus pouch

Prior to Tre Ankare, you had to bake the snus yourself. Not that there's anything wrong with it; baking is a noble art, but for people outside the snus world, the handling of loose snus was considered a somewhat messy activity.

Grovsnus - A snus from up north.

Among the different brands in the company's portfolio, you'll find Gotlands Rappé, Patent Snus, Mörkt snus, Ankarsnus and Grovsnus. Of these brands only Grovsnus remains today.

Kronan snus - It's all in the name

Kronan, which translates to The Crown in Swedish. The Swedish Krona, is what you use in Sweden to pay for the necessities and luxuries. The Kronan snus is about value for money – or affordable luxury, for those who prefer such a description.

Göteborgs Prima Fint - happiness is a mild snus

This is a premium snus in its most pure form. The Göteborgs Prima Fint is catering to a consumer group that is not very easy to please. Very few changes has been made throughout the years.

Röda Lacket - originally from Sweden's largest tobacco fields

Forty years later, a young man arrived with the permission to grow tobacco. The young man manufactured seven different qualities of snus. The most famous: Röda lacket.

Kaliber snus - A snus of high Kaliber

Swedish Match snus range has options to satisfy every taste. From classics like Ettan and General to modern newcomers like Kaliber. Each brand with a unique flavor experience.

Thunder snus is a high nicotine snus

Thunder was introduced at and was the strongest snus available at that time. Today, Thunder still is one of the strongest snus brands.

Odens snus - All about Oden at

Oden’s got everything from traditional Swedish snus to extremely strong snus which might blow your mind


During the end of Summer 2015 Swedish Match launched Mustang. A whole new priceworthy snus brand. Even though its lower price the quality is high, easily compared with more exclusive snus brands.

Granit - solid snus

Fiedler & Lundgren a tobacco company located in Skåne, produces Granit, a fantastic line of snus!

Lundgrens - a snus series of today

Fiedler & Lundgren, a tobacco company rich in tradition, produces Lundgrens, a line of traditional snus with lots of innovative thinking!


Jakobsson's by Gotlandssnus - a premium snus that is made from all the best tobacco leaves. Jakobsson's is produced by Gotlandssnus AB on the island of Gotland, and has since the start found its fans all over the world!


Kapten is a new, but at the same time tradtional snus brand from AG Snus in Denmark. Kapten comes in different varieties.


Knox is produced by Skruf AB and is a quality snus at a very good price!


Offroad is a snus produced by V2 Tobacco and is known for their flavoring. Offroad is a value priced snus, you get lots of quality for your money!

Siberia - An extreme snus

The Siberia snus is one of the strongest out there. With extreme high levels of nicotine (43mg/g) and a fresh spearmint taste, GN Tobacco successfully managed to capture a bit of the Siberian wilderness inside this Swedish snus.

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist small tobacco bits

ONE Snus

ONE snus by Swedish Match is a modern brand with classic flavors. Its discreet and comfortable snus portions deliver strong nicotine kicks together with flavors from General and Göteborgs Rapé

G4 Snus

G.4, the fourth generation of Swedish Match's General snus with All White Slim Portions.

G.3 - The third generation of snus by General

G.3 is the third generation of snus by general. The G.3 line offers a variety of strong to super strong snus in either Slim or Super Slim portions designed for minimal dripping and a comfortable fit.


LD snus is a traditional Swedish snus that delivers quality snus at a reasonably price. Including different flavours such as LD Original Portion and LD Salmiak White Portion. Manufactured by Nordic Snus with the help of renewable energy.

on! Nicotine Pouches

on! Nicotine Pouches is a tobacco free brand that delivers longlasting and refreshing flavors. The white and dry nicotine pouches minimzes the drip and has a comfortable fit. on! Nicotine pouches can now be ordered online right here at

LYFT Nicotine Pouches

LYFT is the slim, all white, tobacco free, nicotine product that comes in 6 different flavors and 2 variations in strength.


The Ultra strong RITE Chew by Ministry of Snus is a flavorsome portion chew that delivers extra strong nicotine-kicks. Comes in both slim and large portions and is available in three flavors (original, mint & cool mint). Order RITE online at

White Fox

White Fox by GN Tobacco delivers tobacco free and all white nicotine pouches packed with fresh flavors and extra strong nicotine kicks.


Shiro is a tobacco free brand manfucatured by AG Snus. These all white nicotine pouches deliver fresh flavors and satisfying nicotine kicks.


PUCK by the Swedish manufacturer The SnusFactory delivers powerful nicotine kicks together with fresh mint flavors. Portion snus for you who want more!


NICO, tobacco free and all-white nicotine pouches by the Swedish manufacturer The SnusFactory. They deliver powerful kicks and fresh mintflavors

Order ZYN Nicotine Pouches - BuySnus

ZYN is a tobacco free brand of all white nicotine pouches from Swedish Match. ZYN delivers stimulating nicotine kicks and long lasting flavors. You can now order ZYN within the EU online at BuySnus.


Kurbits By Kurbits Snus is a brand that delivers nuanced and balanced flavors together with strong nicotine kicks. You can now order its white portion snus online at


Soldat by Kurbits Snus delivers strong portion snus with classic and fresh flavors. Comes in two different flavors Soldat White Portion & Soldat Vinter White Portion and also in slim-portions. You can now order your Soldat snus online at


ACE, a tobacco free brand by Ministry of Snus that delivers all-white nicotine pouches filled with nicotine and fresh flavors. You can now order ACE within the EU online at BuySnus.


Faro by the manufacturer House of Smoke is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches with a tea-based filling. Available in many flavors and strenghts. Order Faro online at


LOOP is a tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches from the manufacturer Another Snus Factory. LOOPs all white slim portions are discreet, comfortable and they come in many exciting flavors.



24K is a brand of snus by AM Swedish that delivers extremely strong nicotine kicks. 24Ks portion snus come in different flavors and they're all loaded with nicotine. You can now order 24K online at


Swave by Gotlandssnus is a tobacco free brand with all-white nicotine pouches. Swave deliver strong nicotine kicks and delicious flavors. You can now order Swave online right here at!


Buy Volt Nicotine Pouches

Volt is a tobacco free brand by Swedish Match that comes in several different flavors and strengths. You can now order its all-white nicotine pouches online right here at


FUMI - Tobacco free nicotine pouches from the Swedish manufacturer The Snus Brothers that has a big selection of tasty flavors and different strenghts. You can now buy FUMI online right here at!


VIKA - A brand of tobacco free nicotine pouches and Swedish snus packed with fresh flavors and stimulating nicotine. You can now buy VIKA online right here at

77 Pouches

77 Pouches is a tobacco free brand with of 15 different flavored nicotine pouches. You can now buy your 77 online right here at!


Velo is a tobacco free brand of all-white nicopods by BAT. It has a big and varied selection of flavors and strenght. Buy your Velo online at!


ZoneX is a tobacco free brand of all-white nicotine pouches from Skruf that comes in different flavors and strenghts. You can now buy ZoneX online at


Swag - A tobacco free brand of nicotine pouches by AM Swedish jam-packed with fresh flavors and nicotine. You can now buy Swag online right here at!


Grant is a tobacco free, all-white and discreet brand of nicotine pouches that offers a big selection of flavors and strength. You can now buy your Grant online at!

Al Capone

Al Capone – A discreet brand of mini-portion snus that delivers strong kicks and long-lasting flavors. You can now buy Al Capone Snus online right here at!


Helwit - Tobacco free nicotine pouches by Yoik Ab with great flavors and low carbon footprints. Choose between many tasty and fresh flavor right here at!



Buy Dope tobacco free Nicotine Pouches,

Buy Dope tobacco free Nicotine Pouches,

Buy Hit Nicotine Pouches

Hit Nicotine Pouches are tobacco free and extremely strong.








Vårgårda Snus

Vårgårda Snus: Great-value snus from the manufacturer Nordic Snus with nuanced flavor inspired by the Nordic nature | See the whole selection here |












Lenny's Cut







FEDRS Ice Cool